What We do

Grouping of Metal Flowers

Other People's Junk, owned by Kelly & Janis Quinn, creates one-of-a-kind handcrafted metal sculptures. With a strong belief in recycling materials as well as sheer joy in the repurposing process, we create art through metal fabrication integrated with recycled and found objects. 

Seeing art in discarded metal allows us to transform 'other people's junk' into whimsical art. Each piece is individually handcrafted, resulting in unique and non-duplicated pieces. All of our art can be placed either indoors or outside and will last a lifetime and beyond!

Fun Yard Art

Decorative Touch to Custom Fence

Artistic Arch

Handcrafted decorative arch and fencing. Located on the pavilion at the                                                                         Colfax Sierra Vista Community Center                                                         

Pretty Pot of Colorful Flowers

Giant Rooster

This rooster greets guests at Dine-n-Dash restaurant